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Prie Baltijos jūros/By the Baltics
naujas namas LV, Pape, ant jūros kranto

The wind and the sunset. Kite surfers and boats. The dune and the meadow - full of tall grass and little flowers with ever changing colors. Layers of relative distances, experiences and dimensions are the things that define living by the sea.

The house is situated in the dunes of the Baltic sea. A sharp linear thatched structure is elegantly intersecting and engaging with curvy lines of it‘s surroundings. The main facade material - straws - was inspired by a traditional building method in the area.

The aim was to design a vacation house for a kitesurfer’s family where they could relax in a most comfortable way. All rooms are facing the endless horizon towards the sea. Living room, kitchen, dining and lounge areas are grouped into one. Spaces on different levels create a magnificent experience where social interactions emerge. Light coming from top adds to the breezy character of the house.

Interior is full of wood and warmth. A little bit raw and soft at the same time. It invites and brings you to the holiday mood. 

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